The cutout shapes have taken on a life of their own, each waiting for interpretation in paint. The shape is a line,

and the line is the canon.

Cosmo         ©Sarah Petite            2018            encaustic on wood           33" x 33"            


'My work in the genre of abstract art has become more and more rigorous. The initial line or idea, which in these cases is the saw cut, has become a steadier anchor, but at the same time more and more demanding of respect.  It stands at the same time as opponent and mentor. It leads the way in the quest for self-knowledge, authenticity, authority. Self-quotation is legitimate; all artists do this, but must do it carefully and honestly, drawing on past discoveries of motifs and techniques, things that worked, held together and, most importantly, spoke of the artist. The ‘quest’ has lately become much more difficult, but the results strain for excellence. They must meet the standards I have set. '

from an artist's statement, 2017

Presence     ©Sarah Petite     2016
encaustic on wood        24" x 18"       

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