I live in Fredericton, New Brunswick, on the banks of the Saint John River, in the winter months; and in Port Maitland, Nova Scotia, on the  Bay of Fundy, in the summer. Both places have fully equipped studios, including a workshop for building my shapely panels.

I studied painting, printmaking and art history at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design (now called NSCAD University) in Halifax, Nova Scotia in the early '80s; and completed a term in 1985 at the Sainsbury Centre for  Art History and  Music (University of East Anglia), Norwich, England, a semester of in-depth European art history.

For a decade I painted in oils, including scenes of the streets of Singapore where I sojourned in 1983. The smell of turpentine still awakens nostalgia.

In 1989 I read,in Ralph Meyer's Handbook for Artists,  two pages on the ancient art of encaustic painting , and launched myself into twenty-five (+) years of self-teaching, learning about this paint in the solitude of my two studios. 

My winter studio (I call it 'the Studiolo', because it's tiny)  is closer to the modest but lively art scene of Fredericton, New Brunswick.

The summer shop, more solitary, affords more elbow room, and a hot summer sun to lay paintings out under for finishing touches.

all photos Sarah Petite, 2012

pots of wax and colour at the  Fredericton 'Studiolo'

Not just paintbrushes!

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