The game boards kept me busy from 2010 to 2014.


Chaturanga II           ©Sarah Petite        2010          encaustic on wood        20" x 47"        

'Games - ‘parlour games’, street games, the game of life, and recently, game theory, the domain of mathematicians, economists and psychologists - gives me unending and expanding metaphors to express in my art. I’ve even found that the working out of an abstract painting begins to feel like playing chess against myself – unless I want to call the encaustic paint my worthy opponent. One mark of the brush or the scraper (or the knife, the chisel, the heat gun) is like a knight’s fork, or the stealthy swipe of the bishop. With each move, the painting becomes more complex, more resolved, more balanced. Some of my paintings mimic their prototypes so closely you could almost take them down from the wall and play on them. Others are more oblique – game-theoretical, you might say! As the artist, in one way or another I’ve played them all.' 

(from an artist's statement, 2014)

Chausar            ©Sarah Petite       2012          encaustic on wood               24" x 24"              

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